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Our Mission

MOWO believes in the power of your truth and personal growth - achieved by story telling and comprehensive developing services. We help women discover a truer version of themselves, make progressive changes in their lives and breakthrough their potential.

Our Impact

MOWO believes in the power of transformative equality by working with girls in schools, women in careers and lifestyle brands. We aim to build personal growth through collaboration and change for a better version of ourselves. We offer the tools for women to live in more equal and authentic opportunities.

School Program

The Modern Women school program is an interactive 10-hour bootcamp that partners with public schools and institutions to create an ongoing collaborative effort to support the children in our community in their personal development. We teach students leadership skills and conduct group mentoring activities. Modern Women strives to understand current gaps, set targets and acknowledge the benefits of promoting leadership and self-growth through education.


Get Involved

There is power in numbers. At MOWO, there’s a seat for everyone. There are many ways to get involved: by sharing your story, volunteering in our school program or making a donation.



Do you have a story you want to share? We’d love to get in touch!

Volunteer opportunities

If you want to help impact and create valuable change, we invite you to volunteer with us!

Make a Donation

We believe in growing community and benefiting as many women as possible. Your donation will go towards the funding of our school program!