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“We were on the plane back from our annual work trip and I knew that something was up because he didn’t even look at me once. I didn’t think anything of it, or at least I thought I was overthinking if I did. The weekend had been full of drinks, we all stayed up too late. Maybe I didn’t answer his late-night texts, but I didn’t feel comfortable to. It wasn’t until we got back to the office that next Monday morning when I went into his office. He told me that my hopes of getting a raise in my current position wasn’t happening. He completely went off on me, and let me know that prior to our trip, the men of the office had rated every single one of us girls in the office. He looked at me from across his desk, ‘You were considered the ugly, fat one.’ I tried talking to the CFO, but she told me that even she didn’t have a seat at the table. It was my first job out of college, I felt so hopeless. How could this be a reality I was living in. All I knew was one thing, to walk in the next morning, walk up to that same desk, and hand over my resignation notice.

Written by: Valeria Alvarez

Valeria Alvarez