“The process can feel very lonely at times. Starting a business, leaving the traditional corporate structure of a career path. There are moments where no one can tell you to keep going. No one can assure you that it will be worth it, when you need to hear it the most. When I start to create, start to connect to the creative process, it doesn’t feel so bad. Sitting at the wheel, I don’t know exactly what I’m going to make or how it’s going to turn out. I have this idea in my mind, a desired goal, but the process of molding that piece of clay in front of me is different each time. Clay has an inherent structure; this fundamental internal makeup. It is made up of hundreds of tiny, microscopic particles. When you begin to mold and create, you have to center and align these particles. Organize them to their midpoint. With this alignment and organization, you yourself need to be grounded and centered. Otherwise, the clay will push you around, you won’t be able to make anything. It becomes a relationship, a conversation with the clay. Transforming each layer with the guidance and pressure of my hands, while accepting the clay’s response to my touch. Each piece that I create has its desire; a yearning to express something. As do I. The finished product becomes a reflection of our relationship. An expression of a moment; a feeling. I think that’s exactly what happens with the development of the business side to this. Sitting at the wheel; building my brand. Molding the clay; designing my website. I can’t control the progression; I have to let what I am creating guide me to what it wants to be.”

Shared by: Mapi

Transcribed by: Julia Michael

Valeria Alvarez