“A few months ago, I put all of my belongings in storage, got rid of my car, packed my things —our things, and headed to the Dominican Republic. I felt like I had no choice. Financially, raising a baby alone was a struggle, and I wanted to give him another chance at having his father present. I hold him, and he gives me strength. Strength to do these things; to make these bold choices — however unconventional they might be. It didn’t take me long to know that it wasn’t going to work in DR. I couldn’t let myself stay just because of finances, just because he is the biological father, just because I don’t know what we’re going to do once we get back. I couldn’t stay “just because.” I chose to have my son, I chose to go to the Dominican Republic, and I chose to come back home. These were — still are — my choices. Choices that have brought me to a bravery I did not recognize at first glance.”

Shared by: Kyra Shields

Transcribed by: Julia Michael