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“You always know who the main girl is, who the guy is going to fall in love with on TV. Of course, as a little girl I would want to emulate her. Be like her. Who wouldn’t? I realized they didn’t really look like me; an Asian woman of color. Pitch Perfect-the movie- it really bothers me-pisses me off. They have this one character that takes on so many tired stereotypes. It’s always the same thing. Filling in the blanks - the template of this one token character - with what’s missing. All very plug-and-play. And yeah, they include an Asian character, but she’s fucking weird, and without substance to her personality!

I studied Public Relations. I didn’t go to college knowing I wanted to. But I got lucky, and it found me in some way. Caring about my clients and being able to get someone else to care about them and give them that win, it’s a rush; it feels like a huge accomplishment for me. It’s an industry of strategizing, being on your toes. Being five steps ahead of the problem, and six steps ahead of the outcome to the solution. It’s like a puzzle, and I’m starting to get really good at it. It feels good to be good at something. But I still see the gaps. I still see what is missing, in regard to, proper media representation in light of Asian women and others in oppressed and unrecognized groups.

I do it for the 4 year-old me that was consistently left to think there was something ‘wrong’ with how she looked or relayed her thoughts. I have a game plan for myself to be that person I’d otherwise never see myself being. But it’s an adaptable game plan. A game plan for myself, my self-growth. A game plan that will honor my progress, my small successes, and know in my bones, the rest will follow. I’d like to think that maybe one day a young Asian kid will watch a movie and see the main character, the one the plot centers around (whether or not that involves Prince Charming at the very end), who is intelligent, sweet, kind, endearing in her beauty. And it will be someone that resembles her. Someone that she can see herself in and know that, yes, she deserves to be a main character as much as the white kid on Disney Channel back in the day. If I can be a part of that change, that would be pretty fucking amazing.” 

Shared by: Gina

Transcribed by: Julia Michael

Valeria Alvarez