“Ideas and significant findings of my inner truth were being thrown out to the wind, and new notions were being thrown back in just as quickly; as effortless and natural as letting them go, leaving me with no time to absorb them completely, to take them in, to sit with them and know them. It’s difficult for me to sit with the real heavy stuff, as it is for everyone. We like to wrap up our pain in a bow of self-discovery and put it on social media, seeking likes as validation for closure. As much as I love to romanticize being strong, when you’re in the thick of it, it’s humbling. The real pain meant to be felt. It has a purpose. Sometimes there are no words and that’s okay. Sometimes there are lots of words and I keep them. I am learning a completely different way to listen to myself and others. That urge to make my pain pretty is disappearing. There’s something special about sharing myself in this way; truly sharing myself with myself.”

Shared by: Colleen Ladd

Transcribed by: Julia Michael

Valeria Alvarez