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“There are so many different chapters in this one life we live. So many “yous” we can become. It’s important to remember the journey. To remember the lows. But it is just as important to not live in them. When I was asked to share something I’ve been through; something that could help other women feel less alone - I struggled. I felt uncomfortable to bring them to light. To say them out loud for the world to read. It’s just not my style. It’s been great to reinvent myself, in a sense create a new identity, and begin to live in this unexplored beauty of me. I have found empowerment in knowing that I can let go in my own way, my own style. Let’s create a different story where we choose to live in a world not defined by our mistakes, but rather refined by them.”

Shared by: Brittany Robey

Transcribed by: Julia Michael